The Finger Lakes Yacht Club has three core committees that perform the bulk of the work that it takes to operate and maintain itself. These committees are described below.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for executing the social activities of the Club. This includes a series of picnics and dinners through the boating season along with some peripheral activities such as our Nautical Swap Meet. 

The Social Committee reports to the Vice Commodore.

Race Committee

The Race Committee oversees all on-the-water activities organized by the Club. While these activities primarily revolve around the Club's racing program, the Race Committee will also organize the occasional cruise to various destinations on Seneca Lake.

The Race Committee reports to the Rear Commodore.

Nomination Committee

No organization can survive without some degree of leadership. The Nomination Committee is responsible for recruiting "fresh eyes" for club officers and members of the Board of Directors. With the exception of the Treasurer and Secretary (both appointed positions), all other positions are elected by the general membership.

The Nomination Committee reports to the Commodore.